How to write a Letter of Protection

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Protection

When a person writes a letter of protection he or she is making a document by which a lawyer guarantees a doctor about the payment of medical assistant of a person who is not able to pay at the moment.

Tips and Recommendations

This is due to an inadequate funding and he or she is being involved in a case in court. So the letter is a guaranty that, when the process is finished, the payment will be done correctly. This way the doctor can proceed with the treatment and be relieved that he or she will be paid in the future, as a lawyer stands for the patient in a legal way. This is very common with car accidents.

In order to write a good letter of protection, here you can find certain guidelines to follow.

1- The letter should be brief and right to the point.

2- Include a confirmation that the payment is going to be made after the case is finished.

3- Write the personal details of the patient, the medical assistant and procedure he or she has to pay for and the dates during which the attention should last.

4- Include the relevant information of the person in charge, the lawyer or the company involved. Finally, sign the letter.

Letter of Protection sample

Letter of Protection