How to write a Letter of Medical Necessity

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Medical Necessity

Sending a medical necessity letter means that a sick person needs a treatment or a special equipment like a wheel chair.

Tips and Recommendations

Formal writing is very important in this type of letters. In many cases, these letters are the right way to contact insurance companies. Be brief but explain why the sick person needs the services that you require. Here’s a guide for those who want to know how to write a medical necessity letter.

1. Put your address and the date in the upper right corner of the letter. Feel free to use any style but remain respectful.

2. The salutation must be formal. The text should contain the title and the name of the receiver. Be clear in the medical part of the letter; establish how the treatment would help the patient.

3. Finish with a sentence saying what you want to accomplish by contacting the insurance company. Write your name and sign the paper.
Remember to read the letter several times to search for mistakes. Don’t forget to practice a little before sending it. You will find this kind of writing easy. Trying different styles can be very helpful and maybe you could find the one which is right for you.

Letter of Medical Necessity sample

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