How to write a Letter of Marque

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How to write a Letter of Marque

This kind of letters is not common these days in fact these kinds of letters were used in days of fighting sail.

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The letter gave the power, to the person who was carrying it, to attack and capture “enemies”, take possession of the ship. Once the vessel was captured, should be brought to the general, governor or someone superior for condemnation and sale.

This kind of letter was considered like a prize given by the government to a person in order to “serve” his or her country, was considered very patriotic. Sometimes those letters gave the permission to cross international border to effect a reprisal. Even though marque letters are not use anymore here are the steps on how to write a letter of marquee:

Step1. Name of the person to whom the governor is giving the permission to pass beyond the borders with all the vessels under his or her command.

Step2. Second write the nations, persons that will be affected for the letter.

Step3. Write that you are authorizing, to the person who has the letter, to seizure and/or destruction of the property.

Step4. You must describe the offense or “crime”, to let them know why this “vengeance” is happening.

Step5. Sign the letter.

Letter of Marque sample

Letter of Marque