How to write a Letter of Introduction

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Introduction

If you want to apply for a job it is a good idea to send a letter to the company that you are applying.

Tips and Recommendations

This kind of letter is very important because is the first impression that a person or company will have of you. Keep on reading, we will explain you how to write an introduction letter!

1. Pay attention to the orthography and the grammar. If you consider it necessary, write the letter with a dictionary next to you.

2. Choose a proper salutation. It is always better to use a formal one, for example: “Mr.” o “Mss.”

3. Write a shortintroduction telling why you are so interested in getting the job. Use this part of the letter to explain all the advantages and positive aspects of working in that particular job.

4. After the introduction, tell your personal qualifications and skills. This is very important, so explain it as wellas you can, but always say the truth!

5. Before finishing, you can ask for a meeting (not an interview) saying: “I would be grateful if you could contact me for a meeting…” Finish by thanking the person and sign at the end, putting your full name again.
Try it, it is not so difficult!

Letter of Introduction sample

Letter of Introduction