How to write a Letter of Guarantee

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Guarantee

A letter of guarantee is created by two parties: one person is assuming an obligation with other person, is like a commitment between both parties.

Tips and Recommendations

This letter is written after the two persons agree to a particular activity or decision. Read the next steps in order to know how to write a letter of guarantee:

Step 1: First of all the two parties must agree about the terms and conditions.

Step 2: One of the two parties write the letter to the other person. At the top will be the name of the person that must receive the letter, then the company that which belongs, if it is necessary, and the adress.

Step 4: Write a greeting like “Dear Anthony, dear Amelia”, a warm greeting.

Step 5: After the greeting you have to put the reason of the letter and make an explanation of the letter, terms and conditions to which both parties have made the arrangement. If this letter is about accept a job offer, you have to write that you are accepting the terms of the job that the other party proposed, like payment and schedule.

Step 6: Write other secondary terms that you consider important.

Step 7: Last step is put “sincerely” and sign with your name.

Letter of Guarantee sample

Letter of Guarantee