How to write a Letter of Good Conduct

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Good Conduct

A letter of good conduct is a document that aims to stand for the good conduct of a citizen.

Tips and Recommendations

It is also known as a police statement because you can get a letter of good conduct at a local police station.

With a letter of good conduct you will have a proof that you have had a proper behavior and that you do not have gotten into any trouble. Many cases are when a letter of conduct is required, for example to work with children. It usually takes some weeks, so if you need a letter of good conduct go as soon as possible to your local police department.

If someone has requested you to hand in a letter of good conduct here are some aspects you must take care about:

1- Do not forget to keep a copy of the letter.

2- When handing in the letter, include it with your job papers.

3- During a job interview present the letter as part of your documentation.

4- If you had any troubles, such as minor offences, explain why this is not important for your application and will not affect at all your job, especially if this happened a long time ago, for example, when you were a teenager.

Letter of Good Conduct sample

Letter of Good Conduct