How to write a Letter of Encouragement

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Encouragement

When someone is sick, the best way to be better is with the support of our familiar and people that we love and appreciate.

Tips and Recommendations

Letter of Encouragement sample

But sometimes we don’t want anybody around so in this case we prefer to receive a letter of our friends, familiars or people that we love, that will help us to improve our mood. And here is how to write a letter of encouragement:

Step 1: In this kind of letters you don’t have to be a poet or an expert writing letters. Some people recommend choosing a paper with animals, cartoons, positive moods, balloons or something that the sick person loves.

Step 2: Write the first name of the person after write a coma. If you want this letter a little bit formal you can also write “Dear” before the name and later a coma.

Step 3: Show empathy with the other person. You can say that at this moment you know how it feels but he/she must be strong, push him/her to never give up.

Step 4: Talk about things that the sick person loves, different topics that can be interesting for the person.

Step 5: Offer help with homework, doing something that he/she needs, say something like “I’ll cooking for you”, “I will rent some movies”.

Step 6: Sign the letter with a warm phrase like “hugs and kisses”, “with love”, etc.

Letter of Encouragement