How to write a Letter of Determination

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How to write a Letter of Determination

If you lose your job you may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

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If you receive this kind of benefit means that you will receive and amount of money that will depends on how much you earned during a base period, most of the time are the last four of the last five quarters. If you are benefited with this, unemployment office will send a monetary determination letter that will contains all the benefits that you have been granted.

This is how to write a letter of determination:

Step 1: Complete the form, every unemployment office has different forms.

Step 2: Have to attach the last five quarters payments.

Step 3: Put any additional information that helps you to get this benefit.

Step 4: Wait until the unemployment office sends an answer, they will tell you if you are or you are not eligible.

Step 5: If the office writes a letter that you are not eligible and you read some wrong information, they will send an answer explaining why they did not give you the benefit, you can request for a hearing completing the information that is incorrect.

Step 6: If the give you the hearing you must take the receipts with you to show them that you are requesting the correct payment.

Letter of Determination sample

Letter of Determination