How to write a Letter of Concern

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How to write a Letter of Concern

Sometimes you may experience some problems concerning your job.

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Either if you are not feeling comfortable with the staff, with the activities you do, or anything else, you may need to write a letter of concern in order to reach your boss. This formal letter allows you to write all the issues that concern you. This is very important because you make things clear leaving no room for further confusion. On the other hand, remember that a written document is better that an informal conversation.

This is how to write a letter of concern to your boss:

1- First of all, start your letter by explaining the reasons what you are contacting your boss and what are the issues of your concern.

2- Describe the general issues without getting too detailed. Then, give examples to describe the situation with more seriousness.

3- Avoid informality. Do not get too emotional or friendly with your boss. Also, go straight to the points you are concerned about and be factual about them.

4- At the end of the letter you may make suggestions as to how to fix a problem. You can also ask for a future meeting to talk about what bothers you.

5- Finally write a proper salutation and sign the letter.

Letter of Concern sample

Letter of Concern