How to write a Letter of Character

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How to write a Letter of Character

When a company is selecting new staff to join a job request is asked. The people interested on that position will send their resume in order to have a chance to be selected.

Tips and Recommendations

But, sometimes, it is not enough to hand in a good resume. Many cases it is also important to have a first good impression, and this is made by handing in a letter of character. This letters are testimonials and are written by former employers of the candidate. This is not about professional experience but a letter about positive aspects and qualities the person has.

In order to write a good letter of character, that is to say, to get the future employer’s attention, you will need to follow some steps.

1- Remember you will state your relationship with the person, either professional or educational, for instance. But, you should not get too emotional.

2- Be honest and brief, a long letter is not well received. Remember the employer will be receiving many resumes. The aim of the letter is not to convince the other person that the candidate is a perfect human, jus someone suitable for the job.

3- Make sure you know what specific information you have to write about. Ask the person involved what the position will be and what qualifications are requested.

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Letter of Character