How to write a Layoff Letter

Brief Introduction

    Sometimes an employer is obliged to dismiss an employee, whether for reasons of labor issues, misconduct or breach of any rule. But it can also happen that an employee is dismissed because the company needs to make a reckoning and does not have sufficient funds to pay a salary to the employee. In any case the best thing to do is to write a layoff letter, a formal document by which an employee finds out his or her situation in proper terms.

Steps & Tips

    To write a letter of layoff in good manners, you can follow the next steps that we explain.

    1- Start the letter with the date and the name of the employee.

    2- The introduction must include the decision of the dismissal and the reasons why.

    3- Include a sentence saying when exactly the employee is supposed to abandon his or her job. This is very important as not to create further confusions.

    4- State the terms of the dismissal and most important, the payment agreement. Include any further economical retribution the employee will have, such as non-used vacations.

    5- Invite the employee to a future meeting in order to clarify doubts or rearrange some aspects of the payment agreement. Finish the letter with a proper salutation and express you feel sorry about this situation.


Layoff Letter