How to write a Justification Letter

Brief Introduction

    Justification letters helps to explain the reasons why our or somebody request should be take it on count. Most of the time helps to obtain the request. This type of letter can be used in almost any field for example at the army when they are requesting for more ammo or food, in construction field: when we are asking for some specific material equipment or any facility.


    Also can be used to secure funding, to extend contracts or for salary negotiations. How to write a justification letter? Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Mention the reason why are you sending this justification. You have write a clearly the request. Stating what are you going to do with the things that you are requesting. Attach evidence that can support you, for example if you are asking for money send an estimate of the cost. Don’t sound arrogant because they never going to help you.

    Step 2: Write the benefits that both parties are going to have if they give you all that you are asking for. Like profits, be more recognized, etc.

    Step 3: Make a warm and polite closing.

    Step 4: Put all your contact information email, address, and telephone number in case they want to contact you and discuss your proposal.


Justification Letter