How to write a Job Recommendation Letter

Brief Introduction

    At least one in your life someone that you know will ask you for a job recommendation letter. First the person must ask if we can recommend he or she something important if to be sincere if we really know the person say yes but if you barely knows the person say no.


    When you are in this situation and want to know how to write a job recommendation letter try to read this little guide:

    Step 1: First of all you have to write when, where you met the person for how long have you know the person. You have to say if you are his/her friend, boss, family, etc.

    Step 2: Write all the positive things you can remember of the other person, mention everything that makes him or her special, different from other, mention the specialties, hobbies, everything that you think makes other person better than others.

    Step 3: You have to put personal information like telephone number, email where you work at, etc.

    Step 4: You can say something like “I really recommend Joshua, I’ve worked with him and its very responsible, purposive”.

    Step 5: Finish the letter with your name, your position at work and also can write something like “sincerely” to make it a little warm instead of “good bye”.


Job Recommendation Letter