How to write a Job Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a job letter

When you’re looking for a job it’s very important that you know how to write a job letter, if done correctly it can win you that job.

Tips and Recommendations

Normally employers will not interview all the candidates, the will only take the time to interview those who they see fit for the job, the rest will not even get to try, so to put us in that special and short list we need to send a job letter and in it we will explain our special skills, and anything that may help us get that job.

So now we know why a job letter is so important, so our next step it’s to write it, but before we do that, we need to do a little research, we need to know exactly that job position requirements, this why it will by easy to explain our talents in that special area, If we don’t do this we may explain how good we are building computers when in fact they need someone to run a business.

When we know all the requirements for that position, our next step it’s to know who will get the letter, this why we may model the letter better to an specific person.

Now to start with the letter, and like any other formal letter we will start with our name and address, follow by the employer company name and address, this second part may not by need it, if you are going to leave the letter in the company yourself.

Next we will add the current date, follow by the company name.

Now we start with the body, the main body is divided in to paragraphs, in the first one we will write who we are and why are we are looking to get the job, also we may add what do we expect from it.

In the second paragraph we will explain our skills, attributes, experience and any other relevant information they employer may need from us so he can decide to call us for a formal interview.

When we are done with the main body we will write a brief good bye, and in the final part we will put our name and signature.

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