How to write a Job Inquiry Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Job Inquiry Letter

Company’s managers have always to be aware and pay attention to such many things, that they want that their own employees show them solutions.

Tips and Recommendations

That’s why you can write a job inquiry letter. It will be helpful to offer your services to a new job position within the same company. Or, to work in another company you know. In either case, you can carefully follow the next steps to not fail to write a job inquiry letter:

1) First of all, if you work in the same enterprise that you offer your job inquiry letter, make sure to make reference to the right person: not only your boss, maybe the HR department or even the executives. The higher level, the better.

2) Make clear what your current activities and tasks are, and what you do regularly in the company. Then try to explain why they should move you to another area, and what the company would win with it. Have no fear to explain what reasons led you to write this letter.

3) Such letters are an opportunity to ascend and achieve recognition, so try to mean that you want an improvement in your working conditions.

4) At last, thank politely and sign in handwriting.

Job Inquiry Letter sample

Job Inquiry Letter