How to write a Guardianship Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Guardianship Letter

When we are talking about how to write a guardianship letter, first of all we have to known what this letters are for us. This kind of letters grants temporary custody of a child to someone other than their parents for a period of time. This “someone” can be a close friend or family.

Tips and Recommendations

Here are some requirements or steps for write one of this letters:

Step 1: The most important thing is to know or determine who is going to be the guardian of our child and ask his/her approval. Once the guardian says yes you can go on in this legal paper.

Step 2: Write your intention about to give them, her or his temporal guardianship, putting your name, your partners name and then the name of the person/persons that you have chosen to be the guardian of your child.

Step 3: The most important thing that you have to write is to give to the guardian the power of make decision for your child, all kind of decisions.

Step 4: Other important thing is to put the terms and say how is going to end this guardianship.

Step 5: In order to make this document legal, a notary has to sign the document.

Step 6: You have to give one copy to the guardian and keep one.

Guardianship Letter sample

Guardianship Letter