How to write a Grievance Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Grievance Letter

When you buy a product and you do not feel satisfied with it, either because the price was not as expected or there was a problem with the product’s functioning, etcetera, you are able to write a letter with your complaint.

Tips and Recommendations

At the same time if you had a bad experience with a salesperson or a member of the staff of a company, you can also write a grievance letter.

There is no model to write a grievance letter, but there are some aspects that you can take into account to reach a good resolution of your issue.

1- A grievance letter has to be clear. There is no need to write a very long preamble. Go straight to the point and express the purpose of your letter; that is to say, describe your complaint about the product, service or person in particular.

2- Express how disappointed you are with the product, service or staff attention and hence with the company. Do not get emotional or too cynical or rude. If things are clear and you show seriousness, a professional company should give you an answer and probably they will change the product or give you a refund.

3- If you do not get an answer, anyway you are leaving a record about a company’s products or services.

Grievance Letter sample

Grievance Letter