How to write a Gift Letter

Brief Introduction

    When we owe a large sum of money, such as to a bank or when we are about to buy a car or a house, and someone wants to give us the money, we have sometimes to prove this was a gift with a formal letter. Many times the bank requires this letter to make sure this is a gift and not a loan.

Tips and Recommendations

    It is very simple to write a gift letter and in a few minutes you will solve your issue with the bank. Just follow some steps as mentioned below:

    1- First of all write the date. Then indicate to whom the letter is being addressed.

    2- Write the introduction to the letter by saying “I/we (here write your name) intend to make a gift of (here write the amount of money) to (here write the name of the recipient)…”

    3- Say what your connection with the person is, for example if he or she is a relative or a friend and the purpose of your gift.

    4- Add a sentence referring to the fact that this is not a loan but a present, so no repayment is expected.

    5- Write the source of the gift.

    6- Sign the letter and write your full name and contact information, like a phone number.


Gift Letter