How to write a Friendship Letter

Brief Introduction

    Friendship is the strongest bond between human beings, which is why it is sometimes necessary to send a letter of friendship to reaffirm that bond. Other times it is possible to send a letter of friendship in order to propose a friendship or start a relationship. If there has been a very long time without seeing a friend you can also send him or her a letter to remind that friend how important this friendship is for you and that you want to do things together again.

    On the other hand, if there has been a fight of some kind, a letter of friendship may serve as an excuse to say sorry and smooth over the moods.


    To write a letter of friendship you may possibly follow some steps as we say below, but this has to be a letter you write with your heart, so there is no fixed way to do it.

    1- Always write letters of friendship to people you are sure will be happy to receive them. If the other person can be annoyed or feel uncomfortable, it is better not to send it.

    2- Be always authentic and never lie.

    3- Do not be formal, it is better to use a familiar language and be close to the other person.


Friendship Letter