How to write a Formal Letter

Brief Introduction

    The Formal letters are use for a large variety of reason, but for any of those there a structure, or a simple guide we need to follow so we can make a correct formal letter. This kind of letters may by use to ask for information, complaint, permission, advice, application, instruction and many more, so before you even try to start with your letter you need to make sure you know all the details about how to make it.

Tips and Recommendations

    First of all, you need to know who you are writing too, this is very important, you can’t just send a letter without knowing who will read it.

    Why are you making the letter, this is the most important thing about the letter, so it’s clear that you need to know the details behind the formal letter.

    What do you need to tell them, knowing why you are making it is not all, also you need to know how you will let them know the reason of the letter, and the information you need to tell them.

    What do you expect them to do, you need to have clear the intention of the letter, make sure they know what you expect them to do.

    When you have clear all the information above, then we can start to write the letter.

    First we will start with our name and address, follow by the recipient name and address.

    Don’t forget to start with a greeting, Dear Mr or Ms, follow by the name…

The letter is made up of 3 or more paragraph

  1. The first line or paragraph you need to make a small introduction informing why you are sending the letter.
  2. In the next paragraph you need to inform why you are sending the letter, explaining all the information the recipient needs to know, and what you expect him or them to do.
  3. The final paragraph you will ask in any form if they will grant your request.


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