How to write a Forgiveness Letter

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How to write a Forgiveness Letter

People say that apologizing is the hardest thing in the world, even more difficult than to say I love you.

Tips and Recommendations

So if you are too shy to apologize in person, it’s a good idea to do so through a letter. The same happens with a person who wants to express forgiveness. When a person writes a forgiveness letter, he or she is letting go painful feelings from the past and moving on. You can also write a letter of forgiveness in response to a letter of apology to tell the other person that everything is OK.

These kinds of letters do not have a fixed model as they are written with the heart. But, if you are wondering how to write a forgiveness letter here you can find some tips:

1- Thing of the things you need to forgive as a healthy process for releasing bad emotions. Then, thing of the person you want to forgive and highlight, also, the positive aspect he or she has.

2- Begin the letter with a positive introduction and show you care about the other person. Then, go straight to the point. Explain what the other person did to you and why you need to forgive him/her.

3- Write with your heart, it is better to get emotional.

4- If you are interested, mention that you wish to continue on with the relationship.

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