How to write a Family Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a family letter

Family letters are the most simple letters of all, they are use to contact a family member or close friend.

Tips and Recommendations

This type of letters don’t need all the formal writing like other types of letters because there are use mainly for family members to stay in contact, they can use it to inform about family matters, visits, anniversary’s, birthdays and any other family subjects.

Family letters are written in a simple and clear way, usually the writer and recipient know each other so the writer can speak with confidence, with that said we can now start to write our letter.

Here are some good tips so you can make a good family letter.

1.- The family letter needs to by simple, we don’t need to add the full name of the recipient or details like those, we already know the recipient.

2.- Say a good greeting, remember they are your family so start with something like, Dear family, Hi to everyone, Dear dad, etc.

3.- The message can be made using any type of words, there are your family so you don’t need to by very formal.

4.- The final part of the letter you can add a farewell, one very special, again, there are your family.

Now to start with the letter in some easy steps.

1.- Date and origin of the letter on the upper part of the letter.

2.- Greetings

3.- Message

4.- farewell

5.- Signature

If you like to add any other thing is ok, remember that this is a family letter so you can add anything you like, pictures, drawings, messages from other family members etc.

In the next sample there is no date or signature, the signature its replace by a simple “your son” this is also valid.

family letter Sample

family letter