How to write an Excuse Letter

Brief Introduction

A letter of excuse does not mean then we have to write a letter with lies justifying something concrete, we write the excuse letter where we apologize in order to not lose a relationship or simply because we really believe we should apologize for something.

The Purpose

Sometimes we can’t apologize in person or we simply wish to apologize with a letter to leave a record of it and effectively so , we  write an excuse letter to apologize for some mistake of ours , or for being late or simply to express that you are being conscious of a misunderstanding and that you are sorry for it. But it’s no good if you simply write “I am sorry”, the excuse letter is something much more serious and it has to be perfect, for that you mas do it correctly and also never use the word “excuse” because you can get into a misunderstanding and the recipient would think that you would not admit your mistake or errors committed, for that you should better use the words  “sorry or I am sorry” where we imply that we admit our mistakes and are sorry for our mistakes.


Once we have the “I am sorry” we have to express the “why?” we are making the excuse and also try to say again “I am so sorry” in order for that person to have clear that you really are sorry for what has happened because of your mistake. At the same time at the hour that we conclude we have to make that person see that to us he or she still remains close to us and also that we would not want to lose that person because of what happened, we must also show that our desire is for nothing similar to happen ever again and that it’s in your best interests for it not to happen again.Then you proceed to say goodbye with a greeting and signature carefully for the record of your repentance or disqualifications.


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