How to write a Dispute Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Dispute Letter

The Federal Trade Commission states that all customers are allowed to dispute any wrong items on a credit report.

Tips and Recommendations

Dispute Letter sample

Agencies usually have virtual forms to fulfill and send using the Internet, but it is always recommended to send a dispute letter as to settle a formal record of your complaint. A dispute process starts when you check your credit report and identify errors. Then you should notify the credit bureaus.

Offices should undertake complaints within 30 days and submit a written response if the information has been verified.
There are some issues you should take into account in order to write a dispute letter in a proper way:

1- Start the dispute letter with a statement of the purpose of the letter. For example you can begin by saying: “I am writing to dispute some information on my credit report…”

2- Write a list of questionable items and give a description of what is wrong in your report.

3- The letter should finish with a call to do something about it, expressing your hopes to fix or remove the problems.

4- Do not forget to add essential information about you, especially name, address, phone number and social security number.

5- You can include a copy of your report with the errors highlighted.

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