How to write a Dismissal Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Dismissal Letter

Usually, writing a dismissal letter is a mere formality, because if you have to dismiss an employee you will talk personally with him first.

Tips and Recommendations

However, it is always a difficult situation because it could have costly legal consequences. We will explain to you how to write a dismissal letter correctly in just a few items.

1. It is a formal and legal letter, so it has to start with the date and then, to whom the letter is addressed.

2. In the first paragraph, you need to communicate to the employer that the reason of the letter is his/her dismissal.

3. Then, it is necessary that you explain the reasons why you took this decision. It would be better if you explain the decision with details in order to let no doubts.

4. The employer will have the right to defend himself on the corresponding court, so you need to specify the date and period of time that he/ she has in order to oppose to this sanction.

5. Finally, you should end this letter with your sincerely compliments, your name and if it exists, the name of the company. If you follow the before mentioned tips, you will be able to write a correct dismissal letter!

Dismissal Letter sample

Dismissal Letter