How to write a Demotion Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Demotion Letter

It is always a hard decision to make, but many company managers have to, at some point in their careers, face the possibility of dismissing an employee.

Tips and Recommendations

This can be caused by many reasons, including misbehavior, a lack of responsibility, or other things. When a manager of a company decides that an employer will not continuo on working for the company, a demotion letter should be written, in order to make clear the terms of the demotions and avoid future complications. This letters are documents, working as official records about a manager’s decision.

There is no established way to write a demotion letter but here are some issues to be taken into account:

1- Explain the reason of demotion in a clear and brief way. For example, if it is because of the employee’s performance or behavior. Sometimes, a company restructuring can be the reason.

2- Use the letter to notify an employee he or she is being demoted. Also, remember this works as a formal document to set a record.

3- Be formal all the time. Do not get emotional but, at the same time, do not be rude.

4- If possible, invite the employee to have a meeting to discuss some issues of his or her concern regarding the dismissal.

Demotion Letter sample

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