How to write a Decline Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Decline Letter

Decline letters arevery frequentin the business world. They are used by companies to inform their applicants that they cannot get the job for different reasons.

Tips and Recommendations

It is very important to use a formal and polite language, because this letters are always bad news for the applicants. If you want to know how to write a decline letter, you have to pay attention to some tips:

1. At the beginning do not use your personal name; use the name of the company with the corresponding logo. It is also importante that you includethe date.

2. Choose a polite salutation, for example “dear,” and try to call them by their first name.

3. Write a short introduction, being honest and clear. Do not apologize, but explain brieflythe reasons of the reject.

4. Show your gratitude for choosing the company and try to tell some words of encouragement and confidence; it is very important for the applicants (you can talk about the good qualities of this candidate.)

5. Finish the letter with an expression like “Sincerely yours ,” “Yours faithfully,” and your full name. Bellow this, put the name of the company and the respective logo again. You have to include also you signature at the end of the letter.

Decline Letter sample

Decline Letter