How to write a Consent Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Consent Letter

Many times a person need to write a letter of consent in order to allow other person to do something on his or her behalf.

Tips and Recommendations

Some of these situations can be, for instance, when a babysitter is allowed to authorize medical care for a child. Other cases are with divorced parent when one of them wants to travel with a child abroad and needs a consent letter.

Also, it is possible to write a letter of consent when an underage kid has to do something that it is not already legal. Depending on the case you will need the signature of a notary.
If you need to know how to write a consent letter, here you will find some tips in order to write a proper letter.

1- Start the letter with a proper greeting such as “To Whom it may concern” or, if you know the person addressed, write the name.

2- Explain the purpose of the permission in the first paragraph. Include dates and any important information, such as places or instructions.

3- Write a specific statement of consent including the full names of all parties involved.

4- Finally, sign the letter in front of a witness or a notary (in case of a trip with an underage child for example). Ask the witness to sign the letter too.

Consent Letter sample

Consent Letter