How to write a Condolence Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Condolence Letter

The condolence letter is the type of letter that we would never want to write and it is also one of the most unpleasant to write because not only is it complicated to write but you have to watch your words because you don’t want to upset or hurt the recipient.

Tips and Recommendations

These type of letters are written when a family member of a friend dies, or simply someone you knew and we want to express our most sincere thoughts to the family of the dead person and to try to make them feel that they are not alone in this difficult time.

Besides of offering condolences we can excuse for not attending the funeral or just to remember the deceased in a pretty and cheerful way. When we write letter that are so delicate like the letter of condolence we must follow some steps: first thing to do is write down the name of whom it is addressed to and following write down where it was written and the date that the letter was written. Once that is done we have to put “dear Mr. or dear Ms.” And the name of the person that will receive the letter. Once we have all of that information we can commence writing the letter where we have to take special care of what we write.

For starters we put something like “I want to send my deepest condolences for the death of …” and give a little comfort while you excuse yourself for not having  the letter delivered before and if you want to after that you can add something like “but you should remember him by… “and explain a funny story that makes crack a slight smile to the receiver.

To conclude the best words are “a warm greeting to …” and indicate to whom they are intended and express that can they can count on you when they need you. To end a greeting or waving goodbye with a kiss on the basis of proximity to the receiver and add your name and signature.

Condolence Letter Sample

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