How to write a Complaint Letter

What is a Complaint Letter?

It’s a letter that is used to make a complaint or claim about a product or service that has left us unsatisfied or does not match the price that was previously agreed.


Once expectations have not been met we have no choice if we want to go to complain it has to be written in a claim letter, which will appear in writing our claims and complaints for which we believe the product did not satisfy our needs.

Although very few people who decide to write a letter of complaint actually know how, and even those are often useless, so those few remaining have a greater value, especially for the employer, as it is a prime source to find faults of the service that is being offered. Hence, many centers always display the book claims. They do a favor to translate our complaints, so that we can get better quality in the future.

So because almost all letters of claims are useless, we will explain the correct why to write a letter of claim, so it can serve its purpose.

Sample – Written

This is an example of how the letter of clam is written always in a formal manner even if it is a serious complaint or claim:

South Bank
Real Street Fidel # 3
July 5, 2012

Mr. Menlo Ortega

Director of Investment Funds

Dear Sir:

By the following letter of complaint, I would like to express my un-satisfaction with the treatment received at the branch, by the operator Francisco Garza who kindly attended at first, until the conversation took worse paths and ending with an assault on my wife.

We have not made ​​any complaint to the police and we prefer that this regrettable incident is settled in a friendly manner. But I convey my deep un-satisfaction with what happened and I propose a meeting with you and Mr. Francisco to fix everything in a civilized manner.

No other tasks, yours truly

Rodrigo Diaz


Sample – Image

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