How to write a Commitment Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a commitment letter

Commitment letters are use to guaranty that a person will do what he promise.

Tips and Recommendations

This type of letter are usually use when people loan money, in this cases the lender will make the loan applicant sing a commitment letter where it says that he will pay in a certain amount of time, but of course this is only on type of commitment letter.

Usually such letters are made in advance because the large amount of loans the lender needs to give, so they all have the basic same information, only things like address, amount of money or goods, date, deadlines, warranty and some other small changes.

Many companies that offer loan use this letter made in advance with the same information in it they explain to the applicant what may happen if they don’t meet the terms the will sign, this can result in fines or the increase of the debt.

When an applicant receives a commitment letter is not force to follow it until he signs such letter, he may not agree on some terms so another letter may need to be made, in any case neither will go into effect if they are not sign.

Well now to make a letter of commitment and because the most use commitment letters are those given out by banks or lenders we will focus on those types.

The following is an example of a commitment letter made to meet the requirements of a company, its starts with the date, name of the lender, address, city and zip code.

We continue with a simple Dear Mr o Ms and them we start our letter with the requirements we need or the term both the lender of applicant agree on.

In the final part of the letter we will leave a place where both persons can sign the document.

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