How to write a Commercial Letter

Brief Introduction

How to make a commercial letter

A commercial letter has the job to past information between to companies, or a from a company to a individual, in any of those cases a commercial letter need to follow a formal format.

Tips and Recommendations

When we write a commercial letter we need to put attention to every word we write, we need to focus on the important information only, we may need to explain on detail the information, so we need to know exactly what we are going to inform on the letter.

Well to start making a commercial letter we will follow a few steps, those are:

1.- Collect Information; like we explain before, we may need to explain on detail the purpose of the letter, so we need to know the subject.

2.- We need to know exactly what we want to accomplish with the letter

3.- We need to know who is going to read the letter, so we can shape the letter to that person, this may help us get what we want, on other words this simple information may accomplish the letter intention.

After we get all the previous information we can start to make the letter.

Like all formal letter, this too needs to have a formal format, we will start with our address, after that the current date, then the address of the recipient.

The next thing is the body of the letter, this is divide in 3 parts.

Introduction; we will thank the recipient for having time to read the letter, follow by a brief explanation of the intention of the letter.

Main body; in this part we will explain on detail the purpose of the letter, we will make sure the recipient gets all the information he needs so he can accomplish the letter intention.

Closure; here we will make a brief summary of the intention of the letter, also we will say a farewell, we will add our name and the job position we hold.

Commercial Letter Sample

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