How to write a Business Reference Letter

Brief Introduction

    This kind of letter is used to recommend the services or products of a specific company or store. A business reference letter aims to recommend one company in particular or an individual, all related to a specific product or service. It is important to highlight your experience about the product or service, as you are about to give factual evidence about why you recommend the company or store. Also, you can write a letter of recommendation about the staff and managers of the company, taking into account the way they handle their business.


    If you wish to write a business reference letter take into account some issues, such as those mentioned below:

    1- Focus on the product or service. Remember you want to get the attention of potential customers.

    2- Write about your personal experience. Say for how long you have used the services or products of the company and how satisfied you are about this.

    3- Keep a formal style and be brief. Sometimes other people do not have much time to read a long letter. The important thing is to demonstrate you trust in this company.

    4- Invite the potential costumer to contact you in case he or she wants to ask some questions about the service or product.

Business Reference Letter sample

Business Reference Letter