How to write a Business Letter

Brief Introduction

When we decide to write a business letter we have to think in the person that will receive the business letter and not think of it as we would be referring to a big company in general.

The Purpose

The person who is responsible for reading the business letters probably has little time and does not want to waste too much time with reading empty or devoid of content. So we must express clearly and concisely, explaining briefly the reasons why we wrote the business letter with a clear statement of ideas and thoughts that we want to convey.

The business card may be about various subjects, such as the case of letters seeking employment, or request a catalog, ask for a raise or complain about a defective product and so on.

Avoid spelling errors and always use a friendly language and a friendly farewell, no matter which business letter of complaint or if it is a failure of their products, we say goodbye cordially and politely.

Sample Written

Here is an example of how a business letter should look like

Roads Ave # 2
27634 Barcelona
November 14, 2012

I am writing as a client of your bank to notify you of the latest movements detected fraudulent in my mind during the 2nd of November, which used $500 from my Visa credit card for the purchase of pornographic material in a Sex -shop in the province of Barcelona. In the concepts of the card we see the name of the store and the amount and the time they were purchased. This is not me at all, so far this year there have been four times the charges appear on my card unsolicited. Therefore, I want to communicate
my desire to permanently cancel the card, or alternatively, shorten the credit limit to $300 per month.

Thanks in advance for your time and hope for a response ASAP.


Sael Romero Estrada


Sample Image

business letter