Hold Harmless Letter Sample 2

Description of Hold Harmless Letter

A hold harmless letter or agreement (also called, waiver or release of liability) allows somebody performing some kind of service in your house or in your property to limit their legal permit or liability.

It is a document that, in rather specific terms, prevents any type of legal claim. Owners use hold harmless letters to be protected against possible damages or unforeseen liabilities caused by the other party involved or if a third party is harmed.

It may also be the occasion that you want to protect someone from being sued by other people as a result of your activities or your services.


Hold harmless letters are most commonly addressed to real estate agents, contractors, and consultants.

1. Before you start, always remember to save, download, print and sign your documents when you are done.

2. Also be sure that you include all the following information: party who will be protected from liability and party who is providing that protection. Do not forget to check their names and addresses.

3. Another important piece of information is the effective date of agreement.

4. Finally, mention the state law that applies according to the previsions of the agreement. That will depend on where the property is located or where the services will be performed.