How to Write a Friendship Letter

Description of Friendship Letter

In rare situations we may write a letter of friendship. It might sound old fashioned but the truth is that sometimes a letter of this kind maybe needed.

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For example when we have done something wrong and we wish to apologize to our friend or when a friend is facing a hard situation. This letter reaffirms a friendship between two people most of the times, especially after a hard time or because of distance.

But some other times it can be useful to express a will to start a friendship with someone you liked and inviting him or her to gather somewhere. A letter is always more meaningful and persona than an e-mail or text.

This letter should be easy to write as it is written with feeling, but here you can find some tips to write a proper letter of friendship.

1- Remember that this letter should be genuine, so be honest and write with your heart.

2- Do not write a letter of friendship if you are not sure about the feelings of the other person. If it is probable that the other person is going to feel uncomfortable or make things worse in case of a fight, do not send the letter.

3- Try not to be too formal, informality in these cases is better.