Demotion Letter

Description of Demotion Letter

In a company it may happen that it is be necessary to write to demote an employee.

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This means that, due to a certain problem that can be related to the performance of the employee or due to economic issues within the company, he or she is demoted to a lower salary level. Of course a demotion letter is not good news, so it is not something easy to write.

This kind of letter must be simple and professional, avoiding informal or familiar ways. To write a demotion letter there’s a pattern that you a superior or a supervisor may follow:

1- Remember that you are writing a demotion letter to notify an employee that he/she is being demoted to a lower job position or rather to create a record of this issue for the future.

2- Establish the causes why you are deciding to demote an employee, for example because of bad behavior, wrong or poor performance or company restructuring. Problems within the company, for example economical, are suitable too.

3- Be always formal and polite. Remember this is bad news for your employee but do not get to informal.

4- Include the date of demotion and describe the employee’s new title and salary.