Writing a Complaint Letter – Sample 2


    If you are not satisfied with the treatment that a company has given you, or with a product that you have recently acquired, you can send a complaint letter in order to ask for compensation from the company. Usually, the customer and the company get an agreement through this kind of communication.

What’s the Point?

    A complaint letter must be addressed to the customers service department. They are the ones that deal with any issues related to the products delivered by the company that may arise.

    Do not flourish around and get straight to the point on the first paragraph. Say why are you writing to them and state it very clear, so they have to admit that it has been a problem with your product.

    Some longer explanation can be given on the following paragraph, along with details of when and where did you purchase the item. If you have a receipt of it, it is a good idea to add a copy to the complaint letter.

    On the following paragraph, give your opinion of what is the best answer to the problem, and explain why. Explain the benefits for both parts, but remember that you are the main one that should be compensated, not the company.

    It is quite useful to give some deadline to contact you, although you may end up contacting them again, this time by phone.


    Be respectful and polite all the time, as writing an angry complaint letter will not lead you into a quicker and better reply!

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Complaint Letter