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Writing a Vacation Letter – Sample N°2

Who uses it? Employees use vacation letters in order to ask their supervisor or boss for some holiday period. They need to be written in a formal style, as they are not simple paperwork. How to write?, Recommendations When writing a vacation letter, the employee should take into account that his/her contract may include a clause that states ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Vacation Letter – Sample N°2"

Writing a Recommendation Letter – Sample 2

Introduction Professionals that are mentoring or helping a younger professional getting a new job, for example, usually write recommendation letters. Before starting writing the recommendation letter, you should get information about what is it going to be for. Tips Focus the letter on the most appropriate scope. If it is going to be a recommendation letter for a ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Recommendation Letter – Sample 2"

Writing a Complaint Letter – Sample 2

Introduction If you are not satisfied with the treatment that a company has given you, or with a product that you have recently acquired, you can send a complaint letter in order to ask for compensation from the company. Usually, the customer and the company get an agreement through this kind of communication. What's the Point? A ... Sigue leyendo "Writing a Complaint Letter – Sample 2"

Writing an Authorization Letter – Sample 2

Brief Introduction Authorization letters give permission to a third part to act on your behalf. This may include someone assisting you with legal issues, financial problems or even health matters. This is a very formal letter and therefore needs to follow an strict layout and content. Tips and Recommendations The format that should be used for this kind ... Sigue leyendo "Writing an Authorization Letter – Sample 2"