Writing a Breach of Contract Letter

Description of Breach of Contract Letter

A breach of contract letter is a written agreement that results in a legal cause of action when one of the parties has not honored a contract or has interfered with the other party´s performance.

Tips – Recommendations – Breach of Contract Letter

The letter may also be caused by the fact that one of the parties does not fulfill his or her contractual promise or has stated that he or she will not performed duties as previously agreed in the contract.

If somebody is unable to perform certain clause of the contract, he is said to breach de contract. Therefore, a breach of contract letter is considered a type of the so-called civil wrong.

1. The register should always be formal with polite formulas.

2. A good opening sentence would be: “It has come to our attention that you have not completed / fulfilled… the job that you were hired for on… to the agreed upon specifications”.

3. It is important to specifically clarify that the addressee has two real options: to return and finish the specifications as laid out in the contract or pay the damages resulted from the non-completion.

4. Finally, you could finish your sentence the following way: “Please, respond as soon as possible with the action you are going to take…”