Writing an Authorization Letter – Sample 2

Brief Introduction

Authorization letters give permission to a third part to act on your behalf. This may include someone assisting you with legal issues, financial problems or even health matters. This is a very formal letter and therefore needs to follow an strict layout and content.

Tips and Recommendations

  • The format that should be used for this kind of letter is business style. Your name and address should be written on the left top corner. The date should go a couple of lines below that, and the receiver’s name and address must go straight underneath that (keep it all on the left margin of the page).
  • Use the appropriate salutation. This may be “Mr.” or “Mrs.” and the surname of the receiver or “Dear Sir/Madam” if you are not sure of who is going to be reading the letter. Do not use first names, as it is not appropriate on authorization letters.
  • Try to go straight to the point and do not write any unnecessary information. However, if for example you need assistance regarding a medical issue, you may include the case number or the name of your doctor so your history record can be checked.
  • The reason for authorising someone on your behalf must be stated at some point of the letter, and it may include the dates when it is applicable (unless it is an authorization for life).
  • Close with a formal sentence and sign the letter. Your typed name should go under your signature. This needs to be signed by hand, so please avoid including electronic signatures on authorization letters.

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Authorization Letter